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Do you know how valuable your data is?

You have data and you are running a business. You already have what you need to harness the power of machine learning into your business. Inject the power of machine learning into every stage of your business x10 cheaper x10 faster.

Apply machine learning with ease.



Connect to any of our supported services or provide your own raw data using a template we provide you.



Tell us your goals and our system will help identify ways to discover and mine the value from your data.



Take the outcome from our platform and apply to your business. For example, personalized email campaigns.


Integrates with the services you already use.

We integrate with a variety of different services so that your data can easily be imported and analyzed. If your data is stored in your own database you can easily give that to us in a specified format and we’ll take it from there.

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Making successful companies be more, well, successful.

While we’re still in our Alpha phase, our client’s have been thrilled with the results unlocked by using Machine Learning on their data. It may be too early to have an “average impact” tagline, but everyone has been more effective with their data, many have increased their revenue.

We'd Love to Partner with You

“Kurvv helped me see the value that I had sitting in my data, that I hadn’t even tapped into, yet. Kurvv analyzed our historical customer profiles and found those who had churned out of business with us. With that list, we ran a targeted email campaign and were able to get bookings for our hotel within hours, re-activating those customers. Kurvv is the best!”

Jesse Boyd

Director of Development, Bavarian Lodge

“With Kurvv we were able to select, train and apply machine learning models to analyze complex interactions between outcome parameters and medical device types and configurations. We learned a lot from this sophisticated analysis, which was completed in a very short time at less than 1/10 of the cost of a major AI company. Kurvv was the perfect partner in this analysis whom I recommend to anyone looking to start similar data science and machine learning projects.”

Chris Roche

Senior Director of Engineering, ExacTech, Inc

“It was super easy getting started with Kurvv. We provided access to raw data and that was it”

Peter Leonard

Co-founder / CEO, Meddle

“We sort of knew the data we had was valuable but didn’t have the knowledge or resources to sufficiently explore deeper. Kurvv provided exactly what we needed. A super easy way to learn how to use our data for our business”

Hyungsoo Kim,

CEO/Founder, EONE Timepieces Inc

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