per prediction
Easy as 1-2-3
upload your data and get predictions, done
Data Ingestion & Storage (secure cloud storage)
Model Training & Deployment
Download or push results into your preferred service (i.e. MailChimp)
Get sample results for ALL the predictions that is available with your data
New predictions available every month
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Data Assessment
Know what you can do with your data
Get ideas on how to use your data to grow your business
Data Ingestion & Storage (secure cloud storage)
EDA (exploratory data analytics) report
List of ideas on how to use your data & recommendations to solutions
* Price may vary for large (>1GB) or complex data (i.e. multiple sources) ** free for non-profits
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Custom Development
Let us build it for you
Have an idea you want to explore?
AI / Machine Learning Consultation (*first assessment : Free )
Exploratory Data Analytics
Machine Learning Model Development
Machine Learning solution Prototyping

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